Kimbel manufactures a variety of roller shutters for residential and commercial applications. All our products help to save energy, increase security, enhance esthetics and convenience.

Saving Energy

Did you know:

  • Doors and windows are the weakest link in your home’s insulation.
  • They are responsible for 25% of heat loss and 80% of sunlight absorbtion.
  • The reduction of these two elements can lower your energy bill by up to 30%. This savings alone makes KIMBEL shutters worth installing.
  • It will simultaneously diminish your carbon footprint.

Gain better insulation in the winter, reduce the heat in the summer!

Advanced Burglary Protection

  • As the manufacturer of KIMBEL roller shutters, we have decided to go a step further and offer our customers a product, which not only will be an ideal decorative element but also will ensure effective protection against burglary.
  • The anti-burglary roller shutters are an ideal solution which connects a strong, durable and closed cover with an aesthetic design.
  • The tests which have been taken in an accredited research laboratory, confirmed that our roller shutters have class 3 of resistance against the burglary.

Adjust and Control

  • Conviently from the inside
  • Remotely with smartphone

Avoid Damage

  • Severe weather conditions
  • Acts of vandalism
  • Accidents

Made in Canada

Kimbel has advanced manufacturing facility in Mississauga, Ontario. Our products are made from durable aluminum and we offer them in variety of colors and sizes. All of our products could be remote controlled via a smartphone app from any location.

Why choose Kimbel Roller Shutters and Garage Doors?


Canadian manufactured , Kimbel roller shutters are made with high grade

aluminum parts. Our profiles are filled with CFC free foam and powder coat

finished in over 30+ colours, including 12 wood grain finishes. We also offer

custom RAL colour matching.

Kimbel utilizes European parts for years of trouble free performance


With large selection of roller shutter profiles from 39mm to 120mm in size, our shutters

cover openings from 12 “ all the way up to 23’ wide.

Using wind load tables we can select the correct profile size for every opening to ensure

lasting performance and durability.

Kimbel has partnered with Somfy and NICE, leaders in tubular motors for worry

free operation.


Kimbel offers a high quality product while keeping it affordable for all

allowing customers to save money on their energy bills and enhance their

living space.


Kimbel offers local service through its national dealer network across Canada for

all your residential and commercial needs.


Kimbel has a control for everything, like automated wind sensors that lower your shutters

in the event of an impending storm. Thermal sensors that lower your shutters as the heat

of the day rises and Time of Day controls, whatever you need controlled we have covered.


Kimbel offers an industry leading 5 year warranty on its products and motors.


Kimbel insulated roller shutters will lessen the amount of heat lost through your windows and

door openings, these areas represent 40% of your homes heat loss.

A standard double-glazed window has a thermal resistance of about R2 (RSI 0.35). An

insulated shutter with a resistance 2 to 3 times that of a window, say R5 (RSI 0.88), will

reduce substantially the energy loss of that window, particularly at night when the house

does not benefit from solar radiation.

A computer study of a typical 2-Storey house has shown that 150 sq. Ft. ( 14 metres sq.) of

shuttered windows closed between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., having an R-factor of 5, saved 18%

of the fuel bill of a house operated in Ottawa. This is $72.00 of a $400.00 fuel bill.

A recent study by the National Research Council of Canada (NRCAN)

using roller shutters reduce the window’s U-factor by up to 40%.


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