Roll up screen doors

Roll up screen doors from Kimbel are ideal for three-season porches, double-French doorways, gazebos, and patios. 

Our latest product line is roll up screen doors. They are perfect for closing off your patio or veranda to reduce the amount of sunlight getting inside and of course to protect you from bugs. When installed, roll up screen doors give you additional, secured living space during the summer months.

Protect yourself and your family from the sun’s harmful rays while keeping those pesky insects outside with Kimbel motorized screens. Available up to 19 ft. wide and 16 ft tall covering all openings. Any home, cottage, or business will benefit from a Kimbel motorized screen. Made with extruded aluminum components and stainless steel fasteners ensuring the highest quality product. Using insect, solar, and privacy mesh in a variety of popular colours, our motorized units are customized to fit all needs.

Insect roll up screen:

Insect screens keep the bugs outside where they belong, so you can enjoy a relaxing evening without being attacked by bugs. Kimbel insect screens stop up to 65% of the sun’s heat and glare, making your outside space comfortable all day long. Our fabric improves daytime privacy and offers excellent outward visibility, yet the density of the 20×30 mesh is small enough to keep out even tiny insects.

Solar roll up screen:

Solar screens block 75% to 90% of the sun’s UV rays before they enter your windows. They also provide insect protection. This fabric’s primary purpose is to reduce solar heat gain in the summer and reduce heat loss in the winter.

Privacy roll up screen:

Privacy screens offer the ultimate in shading protection. Kimbel privacy screens block up to 90% of the sun’s heat and glare before it penetrates windows and doors. This fabric improves daytime privacy while offering outward visibility. Ideal for windows, doors, and porches exposed to extreme heat.

Turn any outside area into a usable, bug-free room — garages, patios, balconies, porches, and gazebos.

Kimbel Screen Advantage

  • Keep out pesky insects
  • Reduce air conditioning costs by as much as 60%
  • Enhance privacy without obstructing your view
  • Suit your décor with a variety of screens types and colors
  • Fit any size opening up to 19 ft. wide and 16 ft. tall
  • Operate effortlessly by remote-controlBeat the wind with our unique dampening system and side rail inserts that allow the screen to flex when needed, providing wind resistance up to 60 mph


Our innovative roll up screen doors design is compatible with most door types and finishes. Our retractable doors provide insect protection and shading without blocking your view.

All of our roll up screen doors are remotely controlled either by a physical device or a smartphone app.


Roll up screen doors are ideal for the summer months to give you additional living and entertaining space.

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