Kimbel Laneway Doors is an ideal solution for securing back properties or closing the Carports
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Security and privacy are is a serious concern for any property owner located in a dense city. With a lot of homes having open parking spots in the back of their property, there is a lot of potential for vandalism, theft, loitering and noise disturbance. Fortunately, Kimbel has found an easy solution for access control and property security for these open and dangerously inviting laneway lots.

Kimbel roll-up doors are custom made to your desired dimensions according to your property and project. A Kimbel roll-up door can be easily installed within hours to almost any standing wooden or metal frame on the edge of your property or carport. This enclosure will create a garage-like enclosure that will immediately create a safe and private space that can be enjoyed by children, pets, and at the very least, properly secure a parking spot and back door for peace of mind.

Kimbel Roll up doors uses world renown Somfy motors to ensure reliable and efficient function. This motor can withstand low temperatures throughout the winter and is equipped with a manual override crank in case of power failure. Kimbel doors are also compatible with “Home-link” via a Lift Master receiver. This “Home-link” application allows owners to operate their door with most cars’ internal buttons.

With user-friendly wireless controls, security, privacy and a clean modern finish, Kimbel doors are a must have on any laneway or carport property.

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