Roller shutters for windows from Kimbel provide Security, energy savings, light and sound control.
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What are the top four questions customer ask?


Question : What happens to my motorized shutter or door when there is a power outage?
Answer : Kimbel offers a manual override feature that will allow your to open your unit manually with a crank in case of power failure. This feature requires a different motor and can only be chosen upon your initial order. Please note that this feature cannot be added at a later date.
Question : Do shutters come Manual and motorized?
Answer: Kimbel shutters can be motorized by Somfy motors or come with manual where you will have the 
option of strap or crank operation  Please note that some shutters may only a crank option due to a larger opening)
Question : How do I know know which slat size is best suited for my project?
Answer : There are a few factors that play into choosing the perfect slat size. These factors include wind load, purpose/ application, sun exposure, location and of course size. Your Kimbel sales representative will happily suggest the perfect slat size for your application based on your details.
Question : Can you choose a custom color for your shutter or door ?
 Answer : Kimbel slats, guardrails and housing are powder coated. This powder coating technique allows the colour to be very durable, rust and fade resistance. This durability is due to the powder colour that is baked on in high heat ovens. The heat from the oven fuses the powder into a protective layer. Since our slats are insulated with polyurethane foam after the powder coating process,  they can not be re powder coated as the foam cannot be exposed to the ovens heat during the process.
  Kimbel offers 7 standard powder coated colour to choose from as well as two special wood grain slats.  
Question : Does the housing box get installed inside or outside of the opening?
Both! The insulated and sealed aluminum housing box can be installed on either side of opening as long as the frame is flushed and there is the appropriate headroom space for the housing box and side guide rails. The space requirement is determined by the size of the opening and the slat size being used.

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