To some people, doors without retractable door screens are not complete. Retractable screens play plenty of roles from blocking heavy winds, preserving energy, enhancing privacy to making your doors last longer. Owing to such benefits, it is paramount to make sure retractable door screens are well-taken care of for them to last longer. Screens are on the outside of your door so they face lots of endangering factors that could reduce their strengths or even break them. Below are some tips to keep your doors strong, efficient and long-lasting.

Only Use Your Screens When You Have To

Screens are supposed to be used when your main door is open. That is when you can open your retractable screens and cover your door without blocking the natural light. There is no reason to use your retractable screen while your door is closed. Retractable doors undergo wear and tear so you need to use them as rarely as possible. The more the screens are exposed to the environment, the more they reduce in quality and their strength diminishes. Leaving your screens on position unnecessarily makes them attract debris which could also lower their service provision.

Clean the Tracks Perfectly for Efficient Functioning

Tracks are like the pathway that your screens follow when opening or closing. Any debris or dirt in the tracks could compromise the functioning of the screens by obstructing their motion. You can do some small regular cleaning to ensure there is no accumulation of debris on the tracks. Dust, soil particles and some small materials may find their way to the tracks. Use an appropriate method like a brush to get rid of this debris then if you use a vacuum cleaner for the crevices, it would be perfect for the complete elimination of the debris.

Use warm water to weaken debris that has built up in the tracks. For people who do regular cleaning, it is easy because you won’t be dealing with a lot of dirt in the track of your screens. Ammonia is another chemical you can use to get rid of excess debris in the tracks. Debris can even make tracks prone to breakage so make sure you clean them perfectly. Take cleaning seriously and don’t leave any moisture behind so make sure you wipe the tracks perfectly. Moisture precipitates rusting of your retractable door screens.

Clean the Retractable Screens Perfectly

Screens are designed to withstand all outdoor harsh factors so many homeowners assume there is no need to clean retractable door screens. Retractable screens may be tough but as time goes by, they reduce in quality due to wear and tear. Do some proper cleaning to make sure there is no accumulation of dirt debris on your retractable door screens. Use a safe material to clean the screens based on the materials used to make your door. If the screen is made from a weak material, you can use a dry-cleaning spray to avoid a lot of friction force on the screen. You can gently wipe the door screen as well.

Avoid Force from Facing Your Retractable Screen

Are you kind of people who pushes the door with a lot of force, or the kind of people who can hit the door with something heavy? If yes, you may compromise the efficiency of your door screen making it to breakdown frequently. If possible, install electric retractable screen doors that can be opened and close by the push of a button. The manual screens could be broken easily especially if the owners use a lot of force. Don’t hit objects directly to the retractable screen and avoid place objects against the screens.

Put All Factors in Consideration When Installing Retractable Doors

The longevity of retractable screens is also determined by how perfectly the installation was done. Ensure you get a fitting and customized retractable screen for your door so to make it function efficiently. Depending on your area, make sure the material used to make the screen is capable of withstanding all weather hazards of your area. For example, if you use glassy screens in places where snow is plenty, the glass may crack easily. Seek the advice of a professional before you select the material that your door screens should be made from.


Proper maintenance of retractable door screens is the best way to ensure you reduce wear and tear. You will be surprised to see your screens serving you longer than you expect. Do the small maintenance practices and you will see your screens serving efficiently with no repairs needed.